Solar Cell Printing
  • Application of innovative materials    Lead technology new future
  • Brave is leading industry to overcome technical bottlenecks, which pioneers to use PI materials in the field of screen printing, and it designs a combination of automated intelligent production systems to launch the innovative products - F9900 series. It opens a new era of solar screen printing. Its features, in addition to high-strength stencil systems, can provide customers with better printing performance. Being in line with the requirements of the customer's thin line trend (Evolution from 30μm to 25μm, 20μm, 15μm, it is in terms of achieving specific goals such as improving efficiency, resisting India, and saving slurry, all have significant and outstanding performance. And it is highly satisfied with customers.
  • Brave Technology Roadmap
  • Advantages of polyimide
  • Why KA screen?

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