Internal Audit

Organization and Operation of Internal Audit

BRAVE’s Internal Audit forms as an independent unit, directly operates under the Board; routine reports were made during the Board’s routine meetings and monthly debriefing to Chairman of the Board, Independent Directors and Corporate Supervisors.

The code of conduct and implementing rules for Internal Audit specify to control company’s internal procedures, and report the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of the control and the routine practices.

The auditing is carried out mainly based on the audit plan set by the Board, acknowledging known risks and perform audits or reviews via specific projects accordingly.

Via systematic audit and specific projects, Internal Audit provides the status of internal control functioning to managerial levels and acts as extra channels for known or potential flaws.

Internal Audit reviews the self-inspection of each units, including examining the validity and quality of such procedure and documentation of reviews itself. Together with self-inspection results, report it then made to the Chairman and the Board.

There’re two auditing personnel allocated to the Internal Audit Unit, one supervisor and one staff member. 

Internal Audit Contents

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