Boards’ Information

According to BRAVE’s article of association, our boards consists of seven directors that could be re-elected after a three-year term. Chairman of the Board is produced by mutual voting process. The Chairman is the ultimate representation of BRAVE and manages the overall and important affaires for the company.

This term for current board is between 20th of June, 2017 till 19th of June, 2020.

No Title Name
1 Director TSAI, FU-DE
2 Director HONG, MING-ZHU
3 Director CHEN, GAN-FU
4 Director TSAI, TSAO-TING
5 Independent Director NI, RUI-FENG
6 Independent Director YAO, WEN-SHENG
7 Independent Director HSIEH, MING-REN



No Title Name Academic & Work Achievement
1 Independent Director NI, RUI-FENG

Bachelor of Economics of National Taiwan University

11 years of professional experience as Branch Managerr for Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank

4 years of professional experience as Associate Manager at headquarter for Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank

2 Independent Director YAO, WEN-SHENG

Master of International Business of Tamkang University

16 years of professional experience as Head of New Hope Law Firm

16 years of professional experience as commissioner of labor dispute mediation committee for Taipei City

3 Independent Director HSIEH, MING-REN

Master of Business Administration of Tunghai University


Accountant, Chin-Mao Law Firm


Director, Chinese Association of Business and Intangible Assets Valuation


Independent Director, Onano Corporation.


Chairman, Chan-Wei Technology Co., Ltd.


Please refer to annual report for further information on Board meetings.

Independent Director E-Mail:

Important Announcement of the Board

No such information.

+886 3 3295666

+886 3 3297111

No.31, Ln. 17, Ziqiang N. Rd., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City , Taiwan

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