• Distinguish、Justify、Change

    • Distinguish: faithfully fulfill job duty. Employees shall be capable of flexibly distinguishing right or wrong, identifying and refuting based on facts. Every employee must gain knowledge through learning and strive to grow their wisdom.
    • Justify: clarify thoughts and setup target. All employees must be erudite, eloquent and speak without reserve.
    • Change: unleash potential, progress with innovation. Act with flexibility and inspiration, always be vigilant, carry spirits of change management and turn towards our goal.

    Technological Innovation

    • Optimize innovation in R&D, experiment, engineering and manufacturing. Science is the source of technology, and technology is the source of industry. All technological innovations are built upon science, yet innovation in screen industry is established on core technology and basis of design innovation.
    • Use current thinking pattern as guidance, enabling employees to put forward unconventional or extraordinary opinions. Utilize existing knowledge and materials, in specific environment, whether to improve or to fulfill, must gain results via improvement and creation of new things, methods, circumstances.
    • Innovation is our lifeline. If we stop innovating, decline and failure will be inevitable. Not only we must pursue innovate in technology, but also in strategy, marketing, management and all areas.

    Persistent Service Quality

    • Strengthen customer services, devote to improved customer satisfaction and service quality spread-out global service centers to perfect service network and provide attentive services.
    • Reliability, responsiveness, communication, credibility, safety and know your customers both tangible and intangible needs in them of customer service quality.
    • Carry out sincerely the fulfillment to those promises made to customer.
    • Whole-heartedly resolve customer issues and simultaneously offer related services
    • Do one's best in every task, review and improve at all times to pursue and maintain the practice of "total customer satisfaction".

    Team Work

    • Collaborate with teamwork and delegation, apply each member’s knowledge and skill to jointly resolve issues and achieve common goals.
    • Exercise team spirits in everything, think big and adopt consensus decision for execution.

    Social Responsibility

    • Company abides by the ideas of "Contribute to Society" to conduct social welfare tasks.
    • Employees and stockholders are important stakeholders of our company. We offer industry-average benefits to employees and better ROI to stockholders.
    • Company growth shall be accompanied by being a good corporate citizen which contributes back to society and environmental protection.
  • Integrity

    • Integrity refers to truthfulness and credibility.
    • Employees must speak truth and hold their promises made to clients going to all lengths; within the industry, respect intellectual property rights in an all-out competition; select and co-operate with suppliers via attitudes of objective, honest and fair. Corruption and factional disputes are not allowed inside the company. The prerequisite to employment policy is talent and character.


    • Participate, share honor and undertake risks altogether as employees, clients, suppliers, stockholders and society.
    Apart from profit sharing with stockholders, the provision of fair salary, dividend for outstanding employees all act to create win-win for the company, shareholders and employees.


    • Company must nurture excellent talents and brilliant performance through benchmarking.
    • Managers adopt new managerial principles: company shall possess agility towards speedy response to dynamic markets and changes in the competitive environment; continuously employ benchmarking to achieve best practices; actively adopt strategic alliances for higher efficiency; constantly cultivate core competencies to be ahead of competition.

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